The Gold Ship

A fierce pirate wielding a deadly weapon, brought about the untimely demise of the Het Wapen van Amsterdam, also known in Icelandic folklore as ‘The Goldship’.

After attacking the ship and its crew with a relentless storm, the pirate known as Mother Earth now holds the ship and its untold treasures in a hidden jail beneath the coastal sands of Iceland. Why is the world so fascinated with tales of lost treasure and pirates?

Dripping with pearls, uncut diamonds, gold, silver, copper, silk, wine and spirits, the Het Wapen van Amsterdam, flagship of the Dutch, was laid to rest on the banks of Iceland’s Skeiðarár­sandur estuary on 19th September 1667 after fierce storms swept it away from the rest of its fleet while returning from a routine tax collection run from the Dutch colonies. Get the full story here.

Our mission is to locate and recover ‘The Goldship’, Iceland’s legendary sunken ship. Using state of the art proven technology and the unwavering confidence of a new team of entrepreneurs, we’ve breathed new life into this adventure so that we may achieve the dream of the brave Icelandic explorers of the past. We’re looking for like minded adventurers to help us in our search. If you’re an investor, a search and recovery technologist, TV/Film maker, journalist or just love this stuff then get in touch!

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Mission Story

The Gold Ship lies in wait, beneath the sands of Iceland, it's treasures still onboard. We're going to find it and dig it up, come and join us.
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If you'd like to join this crazy, once in a lifetime adventure then welcome! Have a look at the kind of company you'll be keeping.
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The Goldship

Discover the tale of 'The Goldship': Aired on Icelandic TV in May 2022

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